Custom Made Rocking Horses

Hand carved heirloom rocking horses, made using traditional tools and techniques to last for generations.

Each rocking horse is made to order and completely customisable.

My custom made rocking horses are hand carved from sustainably sourced kiln-dried, clear wood Radiata and Australian Araucaria timber, finished with real ethically-sourced horsehair and tough, hardwearing lacquers. I make the saddles using only premium quality Australian leathers. Each horse is a handmade unique piece of craftsmanship and tradition with an individual facial expression. No two horses are the same.

The rocking horses are painted to any natural horse colouring/markings with real horse hair to match (often matched to clients pictures of real horses), the stand is finished to your choice as well as options for saddle and bridle colour. Some clients also choose to customise the shape of head, neck and ears as well.


Stallion (large):

Floor to top of head: 1,130mm
Floor to top of saddle: 900mm
Length: 1,400mm
Width: 400mm

Mare (medium):

Floor to top of head: 1,020mm
Floor to top of saddle: 810mm
Length: 1,300mm
Width: 400mm

Pony (small):

Floor to top of head: 900mm
Floor to top of saddle: 720mm
Length: 1,200mm
Width: 400mm

The ‘Timber Finish’ rocking horses are an additional $1,000.00 per rocking horse.